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Pricing & Estimates

We offer up front pricing on repairs, which includes parts and labor. This price is given after our diagnostic is completed and before repairs are performed.

What a diagnostic includes

  • Diagnostic Review
  • An exact estimate on how much there is to be repaired
  • Up front pricing on all repairs
  • Free equipment estimate if needed

We encourage you to watch

This will help you better understand your system and allow our tech to deal with any other issues you may have with your system.


We clean and check your heating/cooling system for safety and for maximum efficiency to insure that your system runs properly throughout the heating and cooling season. We perform a complete inspection on your heating/cooling system. A clean and check should typically be a part of your fall or spring maintenance schedule.

We have a no break down guarantee on all of our clean and checks. If your system breaks down after having a Franzen clean and check we will return for free. You will only be obligated to pay for any unforeseen part that fails not the labor or service charge.

What we install

We are a licensed Trane® dealer and install all quality Trane® heating and cooling equipment in the Chicago-land area. This is by far the most reliable and quietest running equipment on the market. Due to the volume of equipment that is installed by us we are able to offer the lowest prices on all types of installations. We install and repair Trane® heating and cooling equipment in all western suburbs and the Chicago area.

Weatherizing my heating system.

Most heating systems are quite reliable and will provide you with quick, comfortable heat when you need it, providing you take good care of the system. If you have air conditioning you should shut it down and cover it for the winter. Follow these prior to use:

  • Clean or change your furnace filter
  • If your furnace or boiler has a pilot light, make sure it is on.
  • Set your furnace to the “heat” position and turn up the thermostat.
  • Allow your furnace to run through a couple of cycles to make sure it is working properly.
  • Do a quick visual inspection of the furnace area to make sure there are no items that could interfere with air flow or combustion.

Call us at Franzen Heating & Cooling located in Oswego to arrange for a professional cleaning, inspection and precision tune up takes time and should be performed with care.

What to look for when buying an air conditioner?

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a central air conditioner is the contractor who will be installing it. The best piece of equipment, if installed incorrectly, will not give you the comfort you deserve.

HVAC equipment, and Air Conditioning equipment in particular, requires that great skill and care be taken during the installation process. If just one braze or solder joint is not correct it could lead to leaks of refrigerant in to the atmosphere, and potential contamination in the refrigerant system. These items could be costly to repair, not to mention time consuming and an aggravation for you. Please contact your Franzen team in Oswego IL.

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