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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Franzen Commercial Sheet Metal Fabrication Division

Franzen Heating and Coolings fabrication shop is capable of making all HVAC ductwork. We are skilled sheet metal fabricators that have the equipment needed to produce high-quality Sheetmetal Ductwork fittings, Drain pans, Roof Curbs, Flashing, Elbows, Round pipe, Stainless Steel, Dishwasher Exhausts, And BlackIron Grease Hoods.

We use computer controlled 3D CNC equipment to cut out our patterns and then use high-quality machinery to prep and fabricate the materials.

Our Shop equipment includes
Lockformer Vulcan 2900 Plasma Table
Vicon hand held plasma torch
Lockformer 5 Duct Beader
Lockformer Pittsburg machine
Engel Snaplock Machine
Tennsmith Box and pan Break
Standard 10 sheet metal break
Standard 8 Break
Standard 4 Break
Lockformer Collar maker
Miller Spot welder
Power Shear 10 gage capacity
Jump Shear
Duct notching machine
Cleat bender
Duro Dyne Pinspotter
Insulation Table/Cutter
Glue sprayer
Miller Welding station
Cheek Bender
2 Scissor Lift
Material Lift
Bakers Scaffolding
Our shop is fully stocked with all types of flat stock materials.
We also make insulated ductwork.
We have a Duro Dyne Pinspotter to weld the holding pins to the ductwork for a strong lifetime hold of internal duct liner.

We can make a wide variety of sheet metal fittings.
We specialize in
Square to round transition fittings
Straight duct S-cleat+Drive Cleat TDC
Radius elbows 90 deg 45 deg and any deg you request.
Transition fittings
Drain Pans
Take offs
Spiral Register Boxes
Fresh air Hoods
Black Iron exhaust systems
Dish washer Hoods and exhaust systems.
RTU Supply and Return Drops.